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The Battery of A Fake Power Bank Can Explode. A Guide to Identifying Fake Power Banks.

Power banks are really pretty helpful in the hours of need. Actually, genuine power banks by a reputed manufacturer are helpful in the hours of need. A fake power bank can be dangerous. It can cause serious injurious if its battery explodes in your hand or pocket. In below pictures, you can see the conditions of phones battery explosion. It is clear that you are subjecting your body to high risk of serious injuries if you are using a Smartphone or power bank having fake and poor quality batteries.

 A case has been reported in which the battery exploded in the lips of an 18 years old boy. His lower face was completely blown off due to the blast. That 18 years old student actually put the battery between his lips to check the charge status. Please do not do anything like that.

Apart from the phone battery, many cases are reported in which e-cigarette and power bank batteries were exploded. These extreme injuries are very rare. However, the risk always exists. Therefore, to stay safe, always buy genuine power banks.

Today we have light and small power banks that can easily fit in pockets. Then we have bulky power banks for holding more charge. There is another kind of power banks that are advertised to hold a huge amount of charge. Capacities of these power banks sound unrealistic to many individuals. These are fake power banks.

Spotting a Fake Power Bank

spotting fack power bankThe capacity of power banks stays in between 2,000 to 10,000 mAh. An average user also buys a power bank having the capacity within this range. Power banks with capacity over 10,000 mAh also exist. However, the weight, price and size of these devices are usually high. When you are looking for high capacity power banks on the internet, you will find power banks with capacities such as 50,000 mAh and even 100,000 mAh. And, the prices of these devices are relatively low. Moreover, these power banks are also smaller in size. There is no doubt that these are fake power banks.

Recycling is good for the environment but not in the case of battery operated devices. Recycled batteries are never safe. Therefore, buy bulk power banks from a reputed wholesale power bank supplier. Also, make sure that non-recycled batteries are used in devices.

Though, in most of the cases, phone battery explodes. However, the battery any other device can also explode. Therefore, be careful while buying a power bank, phone, e-cigarette or any other battery operated device.